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I also had a relationship that was toxic and extremely damaging. I was 18 and he was 27 and super controlling, he wouldn’t let me talk to my friends  (saying they were bad influences) and got jealous of my family. In the end I had stopped talking and seeing everyone important in my life and was only concentrating on him. He wouldn’t let me do the things I enjoyed and whenever I spoke about it he made me feel like I was weak, a bad partner and not worthy of anything he had to offer. It was after I spoke to a therapist online for free that I realized that I was brainwashed and he truly was not adding any value to my life. It was really hard to leave in the beginning. I kep going back to him because he would change for a while and said we could work on it. in the end nothing ever changed. It was a very dark and scary time in my life but I learned to value myself and my relationships and not let people use me. I pray that anyone reading any of these stories knows that THEY ARE ENOUGH AND THEY ARE VALUED.

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