Estela Manrique

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“Guatemala, August 6, 2015. My family and I are very fond of Diego and we think of him as a special person. I see him as an attentive and loving son with whom I share many interests and confidences. Since he loves traveling and enriching his spiritual life by acquiring knowledge and having experiences in ancient civilization territories, he has traveled many times to different places with people who share similar interests.

Regarding his last trip, he traveled to South Africa because he wanted to visit and know more about the cradle of humankind. I’ve been in touch with him on WhatsApp. The pictures and messages he sent me show that he felt very happy and fulfilled.

Our last contact was on July 28 at 7:15 am local time. He sent me a picture of two hands entwined, one was his and the other one belonged to someone with darker skin. When I asked him: ¿Qué es eso?’ [‘What is that?’ in Spanish.], he replied with a funny rhyme: ‘Pan con queso’. [‘Bread and cheese’ in Spanish.] And that was it.