María José Moran

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To Whom It May Concern:

“My name is María José Moran Alcain and I’m writing this letter to state that I met Diego Dougherty approximately 10 years ago. At first we were involved in a romantic relationship that lasted about 3 years, and afterwards, we maintained a friendship where there was always mutual respect and affection. For as long as I’ve known Diego he has always been a very cordial and respectful person, characterized by his kindness and values as a human being, not to mention being a very polite and educated person. Throughout the years we shared together, he always had good intentions and a noble heart.

I must be completely honest; I was incredibly surprised when I learned about what happened, and it’s hard for me to believe it because I’ve never seen Diego be a violent person. I’ve never seen him get involved in situations where he was violent with other people. In fact, he was always very careful when drinking alcohol as he usually took good care of his health. He clearly had a promising future ahead of him. That’s the Diego I know, a wonderful human being full of great qualities and opportunities…”

I hope this entire situation be one big misunderstanding and that the truth come out, and for sufficient evidence to be presented to clear up the facts and events.


María José Moran Alcain