Maria Lizzette Guzmán

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“I know Mr. Diego since a long time ago, and throughout time, he started telling me about Gaby, at some point Gaby came to Guatemala; he invited her, so she came on December twenty-fourth. That was the first time that Gaby came to meet directly with him. As she was allergic to cats and the weather and some plants, and there was a cat, they definitely could not stay there. She came too tired and slept all night, so at twelve in the morning he was alone because she was sleeping. He called me and told me that he was super happy that she came and after few days she left. Soon after, he told me that he had suggested her to come stay in Guatemala, so one time she came to Guatemala with approximately twenty two bags, bringing everything, she brought two dogs and all her bags, to get settled ever here. Diego was surprised but they agreed to try it and stay in his house, the little hut; but she didn’t feel well there because it was a small place, with the cat, the plants, etc., so they agreed to rent a house that was closer to the city center, so in the center of zone ten, zone fourteen, around those areas because she was interested in a better place where she felt like the owner, and they agreed to share the expenses in half and half, and so they did; they rented the house in zone fourteen and start to furnish it little by little, and that was when Diego invited me to have lunch some day or in a weekend. We agreed to meet around two in the afternoon. When he arrived he told me, let’s wait because Gaby is just waking up, we waited until one, then two, then three and she wouldn’t show up, so he told her many times to hurry up, until finally she came out; when she came out it was shocking to me, because she came out wearing a blouse the wrong way around, a jacket the wrong way around, and all her clothes the wrong way around and she said things that didn’t make sense, she didn’t speak correctly, she walked on one direction, then another, and suddenly she realized that her clothes were the wrong way around, so she goes back to get changed, and we ended up leaving the house around five or six in the afternoon to go to have dinner at the restaurant that we had chosen; and there we were chatting; she was wearing sunglasses, even though it was very light, there was plenty of light and where we were it was very well lit, but she wouldn’t take her glasses off, so then she explains to me that the light bothers her, that the sun bothers her… so I took an interest in her case because I found it very intriguing that she was going through a very difficult time. As we were eating, she starts speaking and Diego explains to her what I do and suggests her to agree to an alternative therapy treatment. Alternative therapies deal with body, mind and soul as a whole. At some point she said yes; she agreed and said she was going to take it into account and that she would let me know. The gathering finished and we said good bye. Afterwards Diego calls me and tells me that Gaby is interested and asks if we could get started. We agreed with Diego that my office was very small and I wasn’t sure she would be able to make it, so we agreed that I was going to go to her because she wouldn’t wake up, as she wasn’t physically or mentally sane, and was unabe to act on her own, as much as Diego tried to help her, for her waking up meant a very tough task. So we agreed that I would take my stretcher and all my equipment.

The first time I started working with her I realized that she was completely dehydrated, her skin was very dehydrated and her hair was very dry. We started chatting and I asked how is her day to day, her eating habits and all that, and she started telling me. She began to trust me and open up. I believe she really opened up her heart to me When speaking and reflecting on her life so I could help her and work with her. We began to discover that her problem was stress, she had had a very stressful life due to her professional work, the amount of hours she used to work a day; so she tells me about a problem with her spine, she said she had broken her spine because as they say “stress breaks you”. She had forced her body more and more so we started noticing that, and I recommended her to keep herself hydrated and to eat more, she told me that she takes sleep pills because she is in too much pain and when it gets too much she cannot take it. She used to sleep all day and stay awake all night, until four in the morning, when she went back to taking her pills, which in the end were drugs, and then slept again. That was her life back then. When she was awake her mind was always in a rush. She had too much pressure from her family. They put pressure on her to build a stronger relationship with Diego, by having a baby, and on the other hand her partner pushed her to go back to work, and she couldn’t cope with the pace of work they had; her mind was completely shut down; she lived as if she was still as successful as before, but at the time she had absolutely nothing; she went broke. When I asked her what happened with the success and the fruits of that success, she just told me that it was over, that she wanted to go back but she was unable to do it because she wasn’t thinking straight anymore.

She was depressed because of what she used to be and what she was at the time, obviously she wasn’t half the woman she used to be, and the pressure from her family to go back to the United States to get a treatment, the pressure to take her medication, the lack of money… because even when she had agreed with Diego to find a way to cover all the expenses, in the end it was obviously difficult because he didn’t work, because he also had personal problems, so the time came when she really didn’t even know where she was, and she told me: Lizzette, I don’t know what to do, I don’t take their calls anymore. Diego tried to protect her from all the external world, but she remained locked inside her room and barely managed to get out around seven or eight at night when she felt better and just went out to buy her medication that was very strong, and every time she felt a stronger need to have all those things she had to take.

After some time she wanted Diego to go with her to the United States to be with her during her check-ups, but it was not possible because Diego had no visa. So she went on her own, I think maybe because the family pressure was too much and she had to do it; meanwhile, I insisted that she should be treated by more specialized doctors certified by the American Embassy in order to be able to make a decision and be treated by them, but I think in the end she didn’t do it and they started looking for alternative medicine, but with doctors, alternative medicine doctors, they tell her the same, that she is dehydrated, that she needs to eat well, she didn’t eat well, she ate whatever when she woke up. When you opened the fridge there was nothing, I am telling you because I saw that and I witnessed that when I went there was only one bottle of water and I think a very old apple; it was rotten.

She didn’t look after the house because she was unable to do it, she lived sleeping and when she was awake Diego was sleeping, because his lifestyle is very constant. When he was here his habits were to wake up early, at six or seven in the morning, he would go to work out, and remain the whole day doing different activities. In the end when they were together over here he couldn’t stand that anymore, he was lonesome, he would go to his little hut to do some more activities with his plants and his cat and all that, and she would still be asleep. That was Gaby’s life, she slept so much under the effect of medications that when she wakes up her mind is not synchronized, so she didnt look after the house at all.
Sometimes Diego went to the supermarket to buy some things, not everything was food, there would be things for the workers, very simple stuff, but I never saw them having a family life.

We carried on treating her, she started recovering because she started having more water. It was incredible, she wouldn’t drink water beceuse she didn’t like It, so we needed to buy water of a certain flavor and brand, that was very expensive; she would drink a little bit and throw it because she didn’t like the flavor, or because she was tired of the same flavor; and she would grab another one. She was unaware of the cost or value of things. After all that, and with the pressure from her mother to go, she decided that she would leave and Diego would stay. That was when they agreed to split up. During that time Diego tried to get help to detox, finding a detox program in Costa Rica. He told me about it, we analyzed, but the person who would deliver the treatment would only arrive in Costa Rica few times a year, so Diego decided to go to South Africa to get treated at the headquarters, so he bought the tickets and left. They had to empty the house because they had to leave and they weren’t together anymore. She came, Diego said she was accompanied maybe by her uncle or her dad, I can’t remember, and Gaby told me that she came to pick up her stuff and leave. He said he had to empty the house during the weekend because he was leaving beginning of next week.

We chatted for a while, he told me that they had to sort out the bills because there were many expenses when Gaby was here, and he contributed with a lot of money to pay for doctors and medication, so they had to talk. I asked him how he was going to pay for those expenses, and he told that her uncle usually helps her out, so maybe he would pay. We agreed that would be it and said good bye.

Gaby came with another person, because she could definitely nol travel together, and they both stayed here. Once here, they agreed to go together. She would go with him to South Africa, and they left the house as it is, because they allegedly remained a couple. She comes and stays because there are no tickets to travel together, and Diego already had a date to start the program, so they agree that she should leave few days later. When she was supposed to do so, she missed her flights several times, she would set a date but then sleep in and miss the flight. It was obvious she couldn’t manage on her own. She is not responsible of herself, of course she wouldn’t be able to take a plane and travel for so many hours on her own, and so she keeps missing and missing fights. Then Diego started the treatment over there. Diego sent me a video where they are together. Then they left, the idea was that Diego would finish the process or make some progress in it so that she could sign up and he could help her, it was a way to try and help her. I have always believed, and Diego always told me that his intention was to help her, but he didn’t want any commitments. He was not responsible of himself, he would have bean able lo look after someone else, just like her. The two situations were too complicated to get involved in a marriage or to have a baby on top of that, but the pressure was too much. That pressure all the time from her mother, from the partner to go back to work, she was not in a position to go, even less to have a kid. She was physically drained, her body had no strength left to carry on.

Something that was very constant in Gaby was that she was never on time. Diego would tell her, let’s do this, you have to be ready at this time, but she wouldn’t be ready until two or three or four hours later; for instance, when we went to have lunch. Another time they were invited to the beach and they had agreed to leave at three in the afternoon of a Friday; she was never ready and Diego left. I think he left the next day or something like that. She told him she would arrive later that same day. She didn’t arrive until two or three days later, only to say good bye, because everyone was already leaving. That kind of stuff. It Is understandable from her because she was unable fo be responsible for herself and get her body to respond to her needs, and from the two, Diego was in better shape, what else can I say, she tried, but her physical and mental wear were too strong.”