Marta Regina Midence

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“I have been a naturopath for around fourteen (14) years, I am specialized in clinical reflexology. Approximately on two thousand and twelve (2012) Mr. Diego Dougherty, whom I did not know personally, phoned me and requested a reflexology package for some time, and I agreed to provide it. I met him, and my profession allows me to know people in a different way. He was always very kind, he was a gentleman during the sessions, then he started trusting me and making some comments about his personal life, and he expressed his concern for his partner, Mrs. Gaby, she was under the effects of cortisone and several other medications that she took because of a problem she had in her adrenal glands. He was very worried and wanted to help her, and he asked me if reflexology could help stabilize her nervous system so she could have a better quality of life and sleep. So, instead of her coming to the clinic, I started treating both of them at their home, and I got to notice some situations that happened in the house. The sessions last approximately one (1) hour and forty five (46) minutes, and during that time I noticed the tension that could be felt in the house; Diego had to be very careful in the way he spoke to her end the noise around, because Gaby was asleep until it was her turn to be treated. Gaby’s sleep cycles were very different to the normal ones, she used to sleep during the day; from very early until approximately four in the afternoon; she was awake during the night when Diego had to sleep. And that caused communication problems, stress, lack of socialization and I noticed that Gaby was very demanding to Diego. Some times when I arrived she asked Diego to bring something from the kitchen, a spoon, to take out the coconut oil with which I worked, and Diego gave it to her very kindly Gaby wouldn’t like that spoon and demanded him to bring a different one, Diego accepted to go get a different spoon, he would bring three, and so on, she would say no, no, non, and I noticed that her attitude was very childish, very demanding and unstable; she shouted, she always had her two dogs all over the house and the bed, pushing Diego almost to the edge of the bed. Well that happened during the eight or nine months that I treated Gaby.

I treated Diego a little longer, and I perceived that their farmiy life was full of tension and a lot of instability. Gaby was also going through a difficult time because of something to do with her partner in an advertising company or something like that; she felt betrayed by him. During the time that she came to Guatemala something happened in the United States and Gaby was suffering a lot because she didn’t expect something like what happened from him. She also had to be very careful In the way she spoke to her mother, because their relationship was not good since many years back; she cared a lot for that relationship, she measured her words, she told her things in a very careful way to not cause a big conflict. She really loved her father’s wife, she spoke very high of her, they both got along very well, they totally trusted each other and she always told me that if her mother ever came to Guatemala, she would need to remove a picture that was on the chimney where she was with her father’s wife. That is what I was able to perceive during the time I visited that house.”