The Story of Diego Dougherty and Gaby Kabrins

They had a lot to say and we didn’t listen.

We had a lot to say but didn’t find the way.

They had many needs and a desire to do things differently, but there was too much criticism, demands, expectations and confrontations.

We didn´t learn in time to express our affection, and we coped by getting away, but it definitely was not the answer.

Horribly, we have learned that awful things can come from great people.
Gaby and Diego were those people to us, great people and close friends.

Two people who fell in love and, in search for hope found tragedy instead.


a Mexican-American woman from Los Angeles, dog-lover and daughter.


a native of Guatemala, a beloved son, brother, and friend.

It’s the story of two people who sought in each other what they lacked, a way out.

Diego Dougherty, one of seven siblings, was a regular drug user, often searching for the meaning of life. He lost one of his brothers, his mother died when he was young, and his father would die of a broken heart, shortly after this tragedy.

Gaby Kabrins, a victim of Lyme disease who suffered from chronic pain, found relief in painkillers and heavy prescription medication, which caused changes in her temperament, her sleeping habits and lifestyle, and ultimately led to the loss of the company she co-founded.

Gaby, struggling to bounce back from a failed career and health issues; Diego, fighting his own demons while trying to care for the woman he loved, two broken people trying to fix each other.

What was once a romance quickly turned south.

After years in a failed relationship, Diego searched for an alternative solution to Gaby’s problems, which were also his own. He suggested leaving the home they shared in Guatemala for a while to attend a retreat in South Africa where they would experiment with drugs that could possibly cure Gaby’s suffering.

Both embarked on the trip in search of a solution to Gaby’s disease and their own relationship.

While experimenting with a combination of drugs and hallucinogens, Diego accidentally murdered Gaby.

It was the tragic event he describes as a ‘demonic possession’, and one that ended the life a woman, a daughter, a friend. The woman he loved.

It is our intention to tell a story in which we are no longer indifferent, a story we can all learn from.

Gaby and Diego, even though you were the ones battling these demons head on, we, as your friends, are also affected.

We must all find something to learn from lives lost, for they cannot be lost in vain.